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Texas Flat Roofing Replacement

We all know that finding the right material for your flat roof can be challenging. But if you take some time and do some research, it should not feel overwhelming. Our team at Leo Miller & Sons strives to provide education on materials as well, so customers have an easier ride when looking through their options.

Texas Flat Roofing Services

We offer a variety of flat roofing services to both Texas homeowners and building owners, including: 

Types of Flat Roof Application

● Built–Up Roofing

The flat roof is a durable and cost-effective solution for protecting your home from harsh weather. It’s made up of two or more layers which are applied with asphaltic glue, then topped off by adding sand until it reaches about 2 inches thick before rolling on one last coat to create its texture. In addition, there may be some gravel added at the top so that UV rays don’t damage anything underneath.

 Built-up roofs are reasonable, but they require specialized equipment like kettles that release VOCs. These materials have gone through a lot and can withstand UV rays without breaking down.

Single Ply

Single-ply roofing is one of the more affordable commercial materials, and it’s readily available. It has lighter weight compared to other types because there are only layers in this category rather than multiple pieces like built-up roofs, which can add extra strength or make them heavier depending on what you need your building for. This particular type ranges from 45 mm – to 120 MM thick (or sometimes even thinner). These are the different categories of ply roofing materials available:

● EPDM Rubber

The original type of ply material is EPDM Rubber. It contains both reinforced and unreinforced materials, which are applied using a double tape adhesive to keep it watertight. Even though this has some limitations like ponding water and requires repair every ten years; still the most commonly used flat plies today.

● PVC and TPO

TPO and PVC are both white reinforced materials that require hot air welding to keep them watertight. The installation process for these roofs requires more than just sticking a piece of fabric on top; there’s also lots of sealing involved with every joint made throughout the life span in order to make sure no leaks happen later down the line when it comes time to fix any issues you might have had at first glance. While Tops grades (TPO) may seem like they’re cheaper because their flaws don’t usually show up until after several years pass by – often times this means fixing patches or other repairs needed due to damaged parts.

Roof Coatings For Your Flat Roofing

If you’re looking to extend the life of your roof, consider coating it with a waterproofing product. A good quality coat will help prevent leaks and prolong construction versus installing another layer (or two) later on in order to protect against potential damage caused by environmental factors such as hail storms or extreme weather events. Coatings work best when applied to smooth surfaces like low slope standing roofs, and EPMD.

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We are a locally owned and family operated business and have an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau.

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